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A Passion for Success

Progress requires innovation

Joseph-Armand Bombardier demonstrated a willingness to push the limits and his leadership was obvious right from the start. His successors within the business that he founded also had this inner fire.


Thanks to agile business strategies, engineering prowess, and exceptional human resources, Bombardier and BRP have become world leaders in their respective markets.The development of these companies is presented in a multimedia experience featuring anecdotes, recollections, and key facts that are sure to tickle your curiosity... from the start of the Bombardier adventure to its conquest of the sky.

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Inventing innovative vehicles

The sprocket-wheel/track traction system designed by Joseph-Armand Bombardier was the first step leading to the development of the Ski-Doo® snowmobile. Since then, these small vehicles that can float on snow have become the product of a global industry. They are now available in several series and models.

The industry encountered difficulties during the energy crisis in the 1970s. So Bombardier turned its attention to a large-scale project: the construction of Montreal subway cars for the 1976 Olympics.

Blazing new trails

The teams at Bombardier and BRP include experts in engineering, mechanics, and science and technology. With great creativity, they take on the challenges that they face every day, such as adapting their products to the specific realities to users on every continent.

Their ingenuity is also put to the test in developing new products, such as BRP’s Can-Am® Spyder® roadster. Thanks to its ergonomics, stability, design, and performance, this vehicle has made a name for itself in a market already saturated with motorcycles. Ten years passed between the initial concepts and the marketing of the Can-Am® Spyder® roadster developed in Valcourt, the famous little town in the Eastern Townships where it all began.

Anticipating tomorrow's needs

Being a visionary means imagining modes of transportation that don’t yet exist, with a focus on high-performance, energy-efficient vehicles that will have a very low impact on the environment. It means thinking today about the needs of future generations.

Already, the C Series aircraft features several innovations, such as fly-by-wire flight controls, a gear system engine, and light-weight composite materials, likely to continue to meet the needs of future aeronautics challenges.

The Future of Mobility

Innovating is also in your DNA


Discover the creative process

Research and development designers at Bombardier and BRP design model vehicles from their imaginations. The needs and challenges of our ever-evolving environment are factors motivating and impacting their creativity.

Discover the creative drive, designs, and technologies developed by Bombardier and BRP in the section highlighting innovations. Have a great time identifying the concerns related to the future of mobility that impact and inspire the visions of those designing the vehicles of tomorrow, and then imagine your own vehicle of the future. 

Idea studio

Imagine the future of mobility 

Ingenuity isn’t a gift or an innate ability. It’s a skill that is developed with practice.

We, at the Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier believe that you are creative and ingenious.

Step into the shoes of creators specializing in product research and development and create a vehicle based on your ideas and dreams in our Idea Studio.

You should take into account three major concerns regarding the mobility of the future: energy sources, environmental needs, and the integration of smart systems.

Let your imagination run wild!