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Pencil and Pixel Drawing for Making

Temporary exhibitions Pencil and Pixels - Drawing for Making

Technical drawing is a fundamental step in designing a product. Using a pencil, computer-based modeling, or virtual reality, the technique is ever-changing and improving. Discover its evolution and its secrets.

Put yourself in the shoes of a draftsperson; try to duplicate the lines on a drawing table or using software; and discover how human eyesight perceives the third dimension.

You will be amazed by the rare documents and unique vehicles from then and now. Snowmobiles, trains, and airplanes truly reflect the evolution of drawing techniques, from the days of Joseph-Armand Bombardier to today.

Exhibition Pencil & PixelExhibition Pencil & Pixel



  • Make it happen Open or Close

    Septembrer 2016 to May 2017

    The exhbition has been designed to involve you in the creative process, from inception to implementation, by drawing inspiration from the Museum renovation project.

    In addition to highlighting the contribution of the professionals and businesses who helped develop the Museum, this project fits perfectly within the institution’s ingenious new approach. Featuring testimonies from project partners, design drawings and models, as well as impressive vehicles from the Canadian Railway Museum and the Canadian Space Agency, this exhibition draws a parallel between the energy used to propel vehicles and the creativity required to execute ambitious projects. Perhaps ideas do make the world go round.


  • Totally Genius Open or Close

    April 2014 to January 2015

    The exhibition Totally Genius offered a complete overview of innovations in one of the Museum’s favourite industries—transportation.

    Visitors discovered the innovations of inventors from near and far that enabled humans to travel and defy the forces of nature such as water, wind, and snow.

    The exhibition also took a more comprehensive look at ingenuity, presenting 57 inventors, scientists, and designers inducted into the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame, a travelling exhibition from the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, where the Hall of Fame is permanently housed.

    Totally Genius was created in collaboration with Montreal’s École de technologie supérieure, the Omer and Chinook prototype student clubs, the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame, and the Government of Canada.


  • U-TURN – Toward Sustainable Transportation Open or Close

    May 2013 to March 2014

    U-TURN – Toward Sustainable Transportation took a look at humanity's relationship with the automobile, and explored the impact that vehicles have on the environment and on our health. Its environmentally responsible approach gave a modern perspective on one of the Museum’s main themes, transportation!

    This was the first stop for this exhibition created by the Biosphère environment museum. It was enhanced by the J. Armand Bombardier Museum in collaboration with BRP. The exhibition shone the spotlight on two vehicles developed by the Centre de technologies avancées BRP – Université de Sherbrooke, the side-by-side electric vehicle Can-Am® Commander and the hybrid Can-Am® Spyder® roadster.