The 1980 Finncat snowmobile

Manufactured by Finncat Vehicule Oy of Posantie, Finland.

The 1980 Finncat featured an unusual technological innovation: with no directional skis, it was guided and driven by the track, which consisted of two segments of pleated plastic. The segments stretched like an accordion and were joined longitudinally like a spinal column. Four guide wheels mounted on a directional pivot traveled along the centre of the track to provide steering. Two sprockets and the back gave the vehicle its forward power. The track would stretch to the right or left to turn the vehicle in the desired direction.

Other features
Body and shell made of a single moulded piece of fibreglass, reinforced with steel rods.
Drive train ­ motor, transmission, and drive shaft ­ located under the seat.
Drive located on the left side with a drive shaft leading to the central rear sprockets.

Note: Finland is one of four principal users of the snowmobile in addition to Canada, the United States, and Japan.



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